Upon deciding to divorce or separate, mediation will help to resolve the division of the family finances, arrangements for children and any maintenance payments for children.

With the assistance of an independent, impartial mediator, mediation allows parties to discuss matters, together and reach a sensible and practical agreement.

Mediation can also be used by those who seek to vary existing Court Orders or Consent orders and by grandparents seeking time with grandchildren.

Mediation allows innovative and tailor made agreements to suit every family’s specific circumstances and needs.

In contrast to Court proceedings, successful mediation will ensure costs are kept to a minimum, reduce the time it takes to reach agreement and minimises conflict.

Shuttle mediation

If parties prefer not to have direct contact then mediation can still be used.

A shuttle mediation will be conducted, with parties sitting in different rooms. The mediation process will remain the same, except the parties themselves will have no face to face contact with each other, only the mediator.

Going to Court

If mediation is successful and agreement is reached there will be no need for any active involvement from the Court. If you reach a financial agreement, you or your solicitor will need to send the agreement to the Court for a Judge to seal and for it to become binding. However, this will be done via correspondence. See The Process.

If the mediation process breaks down an application to Court may be made and a Judge will determine the parties’ financial future, and/or the amount of time children will spend with their parents, going forward.