Child Inclusive Mediation

Within the mediation process there is a place for your child(ren)’s voice to be heard with regards decisions about arrangements, which include them. Although the role of decision maker will always lie with the parents, including children in the mediation process allows their views, concerns and suggestions to be heard in a neutral, unpressured and impartial environment.

Children will be met with separately from their parents, although parents will be kept fully informed of the process and will work in conjunction with me at all times. Once I have met with the child(ren), and subject to their agreement, the details and outcome of the discussions will be fed back to the parents.

Usually, I will meet with the child(ren) only once, although occasionally it may be helpful to meet with them a second time.

Many parents and children find this process very insightful.

For this process to be as effective as possible it is important that the child is old enough and mature enough in their understanding and I usually see children who are aged 10 and over. Although, I do see younger children as part of a sibling group. If a child is already involved in therapy, then it may not be sensible to consult with the child within the mediation process.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.